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What is Rosen Method?

"The only way you can be who you are is through surrender and self-acceptance." - Marion Rosen
Marion Rosen In Her Own Words
The Body Tells the Truth

What is a Rosen Bodywork Session Like?

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What is Rosen Method Bodywork?

Article Abstract
Rosen Method - A Listening Hand An in depth Bodywork & Massage article for bodyworkers about how Rosen works.
Getting in Touch With Healing An overview of the woman and the work for Bay Area Business Woman.
The Healing Touch of Rosen The Yoga Journal describes the how and why of one person's journey from seeker to Rosen Method practioner.
Rosen Method - A Light Touch A interview of Marion from the New Age Journal of how Rosen Method's compassionate quality leads to emotional healing.
Rosen Method Releases Pain and Emotion Marion Rosen and Teri Katz, physical therapists, explain how Rosen Method Bodywork works to ease pain through emotional release
Awakening Awareness Through Touch Rosen Method bodywork has an affinity with mindfulness meditation practice and with Taoism.
Why Bodywork? When Talking Is Not Enough How Rosen Method's body-focused work becomes absolutely necessary at a certain point in emotional recovery.
Healing From the Outside In Rosen Method touch enables the body to heal itself.
Rosen Method Bodywork A very thorough discussion of the whys and hows of Rosen Method bodywork from a Massage magazine article.

What is Rosen Method Movement?

Rosen Movement


Links to publications with info about Rosen Method

AARP Magazine on Rosen Method
Massage and Bodywork Magazine - May 2004

Links to the Science of Bodywork

The History of Muscle Dysfunction and SEMG
Oxytocin, a Mediator of Anti-stress, Well-being, Social Interaction, Growth and Healing


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