Rosen Method Bodywork Intensive

"Intensives" are usually held two or three times a year. Bodywork Intensives are seven day (42 hour) workshops. You can undertake Intensives for a variety of reasons and participants are equally welcome whether your intent is to do one or more workshops for personal interest or growth, or to progress through the full practitioner training program. A Bodywork Intensive includes, but is not limitied to:

  • seven full days taught by Certified Intensive teachers
  • Rosen Method theory and practice
  • demonstrations of specific hands-on skills to meet physical-emotional unconscious holdings
  • practicum where sessions are given and received under supervision
  • deep sharing, learning to talk and listen about emotions released by sessions
  • exploration of Rosen Method movements to music

The Bodywork Intensives are based around an experiential learning approach that includes opportunities for giving and receiving sessions, observing teachers' "Demonstration Sessions", sharing experiences and insights. They are also the first opportunity many participants will have to participate in Rosen Movement.

This format of Rosen Method bodywork training concentrates on in-depth work both giving and receiving Rosen Method bodywork sessions, group movement sessions and sharing experiences in a large group format. Bodywork intensives train you to notice subtle changes in muscle tension and shifts in the breath. To recognize these as indications that the client is relaxing and becoming more aware of his or her body and internal experience. You then learn how to respond with touch and words that allow the person receiving the session to recognize what has been held down by unconscious muscle tension.

A reference library of books relating to Rosen Method is available for the use of participants.