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Spring 2023 Movement Intensive

Rosen Method Movement initially grew from Marion Rosen’s insight of the full potential for movement from the physical body. The movements are based on her experience of how the body functions from her physical therapy practice and they are the foundation of the Rosen Method Bodywork. So the basis of Rosen Method is that experiences and emotions can lead to chronic physical habit patterns or "holding," triggered by muscle tension and contraction.

Rosen Method Movement is set to music incorporating a range of unhurried movements designed to improve alignment and flexibility, increase your range of motion, ease your breathing, and with minimal effort deepen your sense of being. Join us and remember what it was like to move effortlessly through the air as a child.

Learn to put what you see to daily use with Rosen Method Movement training from Jane Malek, who Marion named as the "one to carry on the movements as authentically as she intended for them to be taught." Each day of the movement intensive begins with a movement class. It is important for students to attend complete one hour classes in order to integrate the movements. Everyone is presented with many opportunities to explore their limitations as well as experience greater freedom as they move. 

Usually, after a short break there is time for sharing, to hear what has happened to people during the movement class. The teaching unfolds from following people's experience of how the movements effect them. It may be a simple experience, such as feeling more upright, instead of slouching the shoulders forward. One women said her upper body always felt so heavy, as if she was collapsing in the middle. When she became aware of this and felt upright and open in her chest, then she could show herself more. Her face was beaming as she felt what a difference it made. She experienced both the limitation and the opening, so now it was a clear choice for her towards functioning more fully.

People come to the intensives both for personal growth and for teacher certification. Those who want to become teachers practice teaching a segment of a class. Everyone learns from experiencing the theoretical underpinnings of these apparently simple movements and the components of teaching a class are introduced. 

This course gives a general overview of the principles of Rosen Method Movement. It is open to Rosen Method teachers, interns, dancers and other movement teachers. It is beneficial to anyone who wants to learn more about their own body. It is also for fitness instructors, dance teachers and people who wish to become a certified Rosen Method movement teacher.

CEU's (25) are available. If you would like more information about Rosen Method, please review some of our Rosen Method articles. For course information use the More Information links on the left.

Intensive Details :

February 18 to 22, 2023

10:00AM – 4:00PM

Tuition: $650

Being held at: Los Laureles Lodge
313 West Carmel Valley Road, Carmel Valley, CA 

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Jane Malek

Jane trained with Marion Rosen. She is a senior training teacher of Rosen Method Bodywork and Rosen Method Movement, as well as founder and operator of the Monterey Bay Rosen Method Center. Jane began studying Rosen Method with Marion in 1980 and enjoyed a close apprenticeship with her for many years. They started co-teaching workshops together in 1990. Since those beginnings with Marion she has taught extensively in Europe, Canada and California. Jane has a bodywork practice and teaches a weekly movement class in the Monterey area. 

Co-Instructor: Carlos Messerschmidt


Jane Malek