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Bodywork Practitioner Training

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Training is structured in a program that takes several years. This allows students to fully integrate the insights and changes that they are experiencing through the work. This flexible structure is based around a linked series of trainings. Students can choose whether or not they wish to continue at any stage.

Full practitioner training takes the following form:

  1. Six Intensives (Run for 7 days each and attended over a period of 2-3 years)
  2. An Internship (Over 1-2 years) and
  3. Prior to completing the Internship - formal study of Anatomy and Physiology

Each of these stages is detailed below. There are many students who have taken elements of these stages without desiring to complete all of them, nor become practitioners. Those wishing to further their personal growth in this way are equally encouraged and supported as are those who seek training specifically to practice Rosen Method Bodywork.

In all cases, it is important that a person's suitability can be considered, given the emotional intensity of the process.

Bodywork Intensives

An intensive is available to a range of people - those wishing to experience the work more deeply, those desiring to open themselves to greater personal growth and freedom, and of course to those who desire to become Rosen Method Bodywork practitioners.

In order to attend an intensive, a potential participant needs to either:

  1. attend an Introductory Workshop OR
  2. experience several Rosen sessions from a practitioner or intern
    and have an interview with Rosen staff where the nature of
    Rosen work and the intensives can be discussed.

Feedback on progress is provided after the third and sixth Intensives to students wishing to undertake the training to Practitioner level.

Between the third and sixth Intensive students are also:

  1. required to give eight supervised sessions (some of which can be conducted in a group setting)
  2. required to receive eight private sessions from a practitioner
  3. encouraged to do some practice

In addition, in order to be allowed to enter the Intern program, students must achieve an appropriate level upon completion of their sixth intensive. In some cases a student may be asked to undertake some further training (additional intensive(s), supervision sessions or personal sessions) before proceeding to the internship.


The internship is the second formal stage of the training to become a Rosen Method Bodywork practitioner. It covers a period of 1 - 3 years duration (although there is some flexibility with this, contingent upon an intern's personal circumstances).

During the Internship, the minimum requirement for an intern is to:

  1. give 350 Rosen sessions to clients
  2. give 25 Rosen sessions under direct supervision (or an equivalent combination of private and group supervision sessions)
  3. receive 25 private sessions from a qualified practitioner.

Interns are also required to hold or obtain formal Anatomy & Physiology qualifications before they are able to be certified as practitioners. (Options can be negotiated.)

Having completed the minimum requirements for certification as a Rosen Method Bodywork practitioner, the intern is assessed by a primary supervisor/senior teacher for readiness for certification. In some cases an intern may be asked to undertake some further training (an intensive, supervision sessions or personal sessions) before being certified. All certification worldwide is through the Rosen Institute.

For details of the cost of any of the elements of the practitioner training, please refer to the Registration page. Also check the Classes page for notice of upcoming Intensives.

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