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Rosen Method Introductory

Gentle touch and the joy of movement as a pathway to self-awareness...

Explore Rosen Method Bodywork and Movement:
With Jane Malek & Melina Wates

In this Rosen Method introductory workshop, bodywork and movement will be experienced as powerful tools for stress reduction and for accessing the body/mind connection. Physicians, psychotherapists and chiropractors often recommend Rosen Method either as adjunct to their treatment or on its own.

During the workshop there will be opportunities to:

  • Understand Rosen Method basic theory and practice 
  • Explore subtle touch with receptive hands
  • Give and receive sessions 
  • Watch and discuss a demonstration session 
  • Participate in a complete Rosen Movement class
  • Share experiences that unfold

Saturday June 24, 2017
10:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Tuition: $95


Center for Spiritual Awakening
522 Central Avenue
Pacific Grove, CA 93950


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Instructors: Jane Malek, the director of the Monterey Bay Rosen Method Center & Melina Wates, Rosen Method co-teacher.

Together they bring years of wisdom, which is complemented by a close relationship to each other and the heart of the method.

Jane Malek

Jane Malek, CMT,  is a senior teacher of Rosen Method Bodywork and a Rosen Movement Training teacher. She founded the Monterey Bay Rosen Method Center. Jane began studying with Marion Rosen in 1980 and enjoyed a close apprenticeship with her for many years. She has co-taught with Marion since 1985.