Rosen Method: An Approach to Wholeness and Well-being Through the Body
Elaine L. Mayland, Ph.D., 52 Stone Press, USA, 2005, ISBN 0-9773796-0-4
This groundbreaking book about Rosen Method bodywork is also used as a text for Rosen Method training classes. It includes a brief biography of Marion Rosen, and a sound, easy to understand explanation of the theoretical and physiological foundation of Rosen Method. Mayland has written a piece that is as helpful to clients as it is to students, simplifying the process and its relationship to tension and holding, the breath, emotions, and spirituality.




Rosen Method Bodywork: Accessing the Unconscious through Touch
Marion Rosen with Sue Brenner, North Atlantic Books, Berkeley California USA, 2003, ISBN 1-55643-418-9
In this description of the body-centered therapy developed by Marion Rosen, the reader begins to understand how emotional and physical ailments can be addressed through the gentle touch of the Rosen practitioner. Rosen explains how the practitioner identifies tensions in the body that point to the source of a problem, and how that awareness guides the healing process. With the help of psychotherapist Susan Brenner, one of Marion's first students and director of Rosen Center East, she describes the origins of her method; how people reveal their emotions in body postures; barriers they set up to love, self-expression, and intimacy, and how Rosen Method work enables a client to move beyond these barriers. Treatments for asthma, migraine headaches, heart problems weak immune systems, and psychosomatic illnesses are chronicled. Essay by doctors, psychologists, and Rosen Mosen practitioners describe how this method of touch, words, and acceptance guides their work, and complete this remarkable tribute to a visionary woman.


The Rosen Method of Movement
Marion Rosen & Sue Brenner, North Atlantic Books, Berkeley California USA, 1991, ISBN 1-55643-117-1
In Rosen Method movement, healing manifests itself as a reclaiming of movements. Rosen Method movement is based on physical therapy exercises playfully executed and set to music. The body begins to move again as a whole with the freedom of early childhood. This book gives a history of Rosen Method movement, discusses the physiological basis of movement, and recommends exercises and music.




Come Dance with Me: Exploring the Body-Mind Connection
Judith Nicholson with preface by Marion Rosen
Come Dance with Me tells of Judith’s journey towards freedom and self-fulfillment. It is the story of a daughter, law lecturer, diplomat’s wife and mother of four, who, in her mid-fifties, became dissatisfied with her life. Searching for empowerment to live her own life, she explored meditation, Carl Jung and Rosen Method Bodywork. Judith describes in detail her Rosen training in Sweden, and the theory and techniques of the Method. Her life changed. She then created a dream retreat in Tumut, rural New South Wales, and introduced Rosen Method therapy to Australia. Judith struggled with 3 bouts of cancer over 9 years, which are intimately described, and which led to her death. (Order direct from Ian Nicholson,



Rosen Movement Class Video with Jane Malek
This easy to follow video is designed to simulate a movement class that can be followed at home. It is divided into sections starting with warm-ups and then followed by stretching. The sections for standing in a circle and moving across the floor have been specially adapted for use at home. The video concludes with a segment of spinal exercises done on the floor and time for awareness and relaxation.